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Here you can find a factsheet by Renate Künast and myself on the war in Ukraine, the supply situation on the agricultural markets and the discussion about what to do now.

The war Putin is waging against Ukraine is a humanitarian and international legal disaster. It is existential that and how the European Union acts here together with its allies. The acts of war are costing more and more lives and forcing women and children to flee. In addition, there are serious consequences for the agricultural sector.

We hereby take a stand on the current discussion about an allegedly necessary rollback towards further intensification of agriculture. We consider this to be a serious mistake, as it would mean fuelling the climate and species crisis. The overexploitation and pollution of our natural resources - air, water, soil - and the loss of biodiversity are already leading directly and indirectly to yield losses, with all the known consequences.

However, we must now help acutely and at the same time think about the food security of tomorrow.

Quote Martin Häusling:

"The current attempts to use the war in Ukraine to question the objectives of the Farm-to-Fork and Biodiversity Strategies with the rhetorical catchword of "food security", I consider to be completely short-sighted and not in line with scientific recommendations. The climate and biodiversity crises are not taking a break, even in the current situation. The statement of 300 scientists, among others from the PIK Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, clearly calls for a transformation of the food system: less meat and food waste, more legumes and a greener agricultural policy.