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130120 GVO 20 years EN30 years of genetically engineered plants - 20 years of commercial cultivation in the United States:
a critical assessment
Dr. Christoph Then, January 2013
This study was written for Martin Häusling, Green Party, Member of the European Parliament.
The English version edited and published by Testbiotech

German version: Die Rache der Käfer

First genetically engineered plants were created 30 years ago. Commercial growing in the USA began almost 20 years ago. Compared to the EU, developments in the USA were driven to a much greater extent by the business interests of companies such as Monsanto. Nevertheless, the EU has seen an opening up of its markets for the import of products derived from genetically engineered plants. In 2013, further decisions can be expected on new authorisations for cultivation in the EU. 

Spanish Version:
Then C. 2013: 30 años de Plantas Genéticamente Modificadas -20 años de Cultivo Comercial en los Estados Unidos: Una Evaluación Crítica