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The future of the dairy market: "less is more" - a summary

100910 MIlchstudieThe future of the dairy market: "less is more"
Summary of an analysis of different milk market models
commissioned by Martin Häusling, MdEP (Sept. 2010)

Cloning farm animals – a ‘killer application’?

110601 klonstudie jun11 ENAgro-biotechnology: Risks and consequences of the introduction of cloned animals for food production
Authors: Christoph Then and Ruth Tippe
A Testbiotech report prepared for Martin Häusling, MEP
May 2010

The cloning of animals for food production has raised political discussions in the European Union. The European commission is in favour of regulating food products derived from cloned animals under the Novel Food Regulation. The European Council recommended including food derived from cloned animals and their offspring under the Novel Food Regulation and later supporting a specific piece of legislation for cloned animals.
On the contrary, the European Parliament is in favour of prohibiting the marketing of these products and demanding that farm animal cloning will not be allowed unless specially authorised. In March 2011, negotiations between the EU Parliament, the EU Member States and the EU Commission finished with no political solution.